How to record Spatial Videos?

You can record them using iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max. Or with Apple Vision Pro.

Is it possible to upload content from iPhone?

Yes, you can upload videos and panoramas from your iPhone. ImmersiShare for iOS is available on App Store as well.

What kind of videos can I share?

At this moment, we only allow spatial videos, a maximum of 600MB in size, 5-60 seconds long. We don’t allow any NSFW content at this moment.

What kind of photos can I upload?

We support panorama photos, or 360 panorama photos in Equirectangular projection, with 2:1 dimensions. We suggest posting at least 8000x4000 pixels panoramas, better if you can render them in 14000x7000, 16000x8000 or even 24000x12000. ImmersiShare will render every pixel.

You can also use Affinity Photo 2 to render Equirectangular projection photos. In this photo of Earthrise, I actually created 14000x7000 black canvas, and projected regular photo of Earthrise on it using Equirectangular projection available in Affinity Photo 2.

Is it free?

Yes, we are working on the application in the way that it will be free for everyone. We are using CloudKit for storage, and hope with growing number of users, we will be able to manage the costs of the storage.

By keeping it low cost, we hope to keep the app free for everyone. We are not collecting any telemetry data, and not showing any ads.

Can I delete my content?

Yes, as long as you are logged in with the same iCloud account you used to upload the video, you can delete it anytime. You can find all uploaded videos by you under My Videos tab.

Can I upload not-spatial videos?

Not at the current moment. We are limited in storage by CloudKit, and right now only want to support spatial videos. But, there are tools that allow you to generate Spatial videos from regular videos. One we suggest is Owl3D. We tried to generate a few videos with it, and it works great.

App is frozen or in a weird state.

App might have bugs, visionOS as a platform is pretty fresh and can have bugs. In case of issues, please force quit the application https://support.apple.com/en-us/118514 and try to reopen it.

Can I export photo or video from the app and save in my Photos app?

We don’t allow it. For the simple reason, content is owned by the people who posted it. We don’t own it, in so, we cannot share it with you. If you like some content, you should contact the content owners and ask them if they can share with you the original content. Obviously only if they left any contact information in the profile.

What other features are planned?

We are actively working on new features, and you can join TestFlight to try them earlier and help us to find bugs.

Have a question?

Please contact us at support+immersishare@loshadki.app